A Daughters Place
A Daughters Place
Eve Harrell

I'm creating A place to share who Jesus is and who we are in Him

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Hello Beautiful!

Who Defines You?

The world will attempt to label and define us. We ask questions such as “Am I Loved?” “Am I Beautiful?” “Can I really change the world”

Join me as I share what God has to say on the matter.

And See Yourself Through The Father’s Eyes.

Why You Should Join

Are you looking for a community of believers who will challenge you? 

Are you looking for encouragement? 

Are you seeking to learn more about Jesus? 

Would you like to know who Jesus says you are? 

Would you like to grow in your faith? 

Join us and watch God move!

A Big Thanks

Thank You for joining! 

Each of us have a special place in the Body of Christ. 

I look forward to watching God do an amazing work in you as you realize your value in Him!